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  • sperrin-harriers-at-the-derry-track-club-invitational-road-relays-20-09-16-2

    Harriers Venture Both North And South

    Derry City Track Club Invitational Road Relays On Tuesday 20th the Derry City Track Club hosted their road relay races, which began and ended at the Peace Bridge overlooking the striking cityscape of Derry/Londonderry. Special mention goes to the Harrier female Senior team who came first in their category. Tanya

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  • teresa-owens-and-bernie-sonner-belfast-half-marathon-2016

    Sperrin Harriers Run the Belfast Half Marathon

    Boom 10K Almost 100 runners attended this 10K on Saturday 17th, and ran a flat, fast, two lap course on the roads surrounding the Coleraine campus. The event hosted by Springwell Running Club in Coleraine, in conjunction with the Ulster University; was organised in aid of the Boom Foundation, a

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  • harriers-at-the-obrien-challenge-and-10-miler-2016

    Lots of Races in Lots of Places!

    Run’N the Bann 5K On Thursday 8th September this 5K took place in Portglenone, with all proceeds going to support the restoration fund for three churches in the area. The first Harrier to cross the line was Adrian Rea in a great time of 20:38. He was followed by Alison

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  • connor-martin-mark-thom-brian-taggart-and-roddy-mcivor-at-the-waterside-derry-half-marathon


    Pomeroy 5K Run/Walk The second Pomeroy Runners 5K run/walk took place in Pomeroy on Friday 2nd, with over 262 runners and 150 walkers in attendance. The event was held in support of two very worthy causes, namely Ronald McDonald House Birmingham, and fundraising for a new Paediatric Unit at Craigavon

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  • Omagh Half Marathon
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